Main challenges of conventional approaches to detecting pathogen

  • Costly
  • Invasive
  • Not always accurate
  • Require causative agent
  • Time-consuming

A novel sound-based, biophysical technology

A one-of-a-kind sensor emits gigahertz-to-terahertz pulses to detect viruses by measurement of their unique resonant signatures.

How it works

A proprietary algorithm measures the resistance from the sound waves as compared to normal ranges and delivers instant results

One test for virtually any pathogens

Potential Applications


Test seeds purity

Increase quality Control

Eliminate quarantine

Pandemic & Biodefense

Prevent the spread of infectious disease.

Protect borders and public health

Screen viruses regardless of incubation period

Pathology & Clinical research

Speed up drug development

Monitor treatments

Reduce cost of reasearch

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